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Phoenix Thermo NanoLC Source - Your choice when Price / Perfomance matters

It`s time to rethink your NanoLC source design

The Phoenix Thermo NanoLC Source should be your first choice if you`re seeking a Nano LC ion source for your Thermo Orbitrapmass spectrometer. This source features sheath gas, a high quality Video System comparable to the early Proxeon sources and is designed to adopt the Phoenix column ovens  - pencil & butterfly .

The source is an easy DiY to mount, keeping your first time installation costs at zero.

The source is priced competively against the Thermo Flex ion source.

Take a look how it looks like: guide me to the pictures

 Phoenix PST-MS-Thermo source

 PST-MS-Thermo with Pencil style NanoLC column heaterClose up of the Nano ESI source region