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NEW NIST 2014 mass spectral library - Upgrade discount for any previous version - also available as download at an attractive price

Identify your mass spectra with the new NIST 14 Mass Spectral Library and Search Software.

NIST 14 - The successor to NIST 11 (2011) - Is a collection of:NIST 2014

  • Electron ionization (EI) mass spectra
  • Tandem MS/MS spectra (ion trap and collision cell)
  • GC method and retention data
  • Chemical structures and names
  • Software for searching and identifying your mass spectra

NIST 14 is integrated with most mass spectral data systems, including Agilent ChemStation/MassHunter, Thermo Xcalibur, and others.

The NIST Library is known for its high quality, broad coverage, and accessibility. It is a product of a three decade, comprehensive evaluation and expansion of the world's most widely used and trusted mass spectral reference library compiled by a team of experienced mass spectrometrists in which each spectrum was examined for correctness.

Improvements from 2011 version:

  • Increased coverage in all libraries: 32,355 more EI spectra; 138,875 more MS/MS spectra; 37,706 more GC data sets
  • Retention index usable in spectral match scoring
  • Improved derivative naming, user library features, links to InChIKey, and other metadata.
  • Upgrade discount for any previous version
  • Lowest Agilent format price available
  • MS/MS and GC libraries may now be optionally purchased separately at very low cost

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Learn about NIST 14 and Agilent Masshunter:


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