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BSPR 2022 – Next Generation Proteomics

(3-6 July 2022 – St Anne’s College, Oxford)

This year’s meeting is an acknowledgement of how far proteomics has travelled. We are now in the era where generating multiple comprehensive proteomes in a day is becoming routine. The field is utilising the underlying technologies to go well beyond traditional proteome analyses. Proteomic experiments can capture not only quantitative data or PTM data but also protein interaction, spacial, structural and temporal information. Proteomics technologies continue to develop leading to ever more rapid proteomic analyses from ever lower amounts of starting material. The 2022 meeting will celebrate these next generation technologies and how they are transforming applications from scientific research to commercial quality control and civil security.

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BSPR 2022

IMSC (International Mass Spectrometry Conference) 2022

(27 August – 2 September 2022 – MECC, Maastricht)

The International Mass Spectrometry Conference is the central event in the IMSF calendar. The IMSC draws together colleagues from universities, industry and research institutions for research workshops, policy discussions and business meetings across the breadth of mass spectrometry. The IMSC2022 program targets an in-person event with many activities to strengthen our community and to further advance the your professional network in mass spectrometry.

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IMSC 2022


(13-15 September 2022 – Vienna)

Save the date for this excellent networking opportunity and share your work done in the field of proteomics and especially single cell proteomics. In September 2022 we will combine the annual symposium of the Austrian Proteomics and Metabolomics Association (APMA) with a symposium focusing on advancements in single cell proteomics in Vienna/Austria. This allows us to bring specialists from diverse fields together, exchange ideas and start new collaborations. After being held online last year, we plan to have this edition as hybrid event allowing in-person and virtual attendance.

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 ESCP & APMRS 2022

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