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What will ABIRD do for your nano-ESI-MS system?

  • Reduce background ion signal in full MS during nanospray- ESI analysis.
  • Isolate your instrument from spikes in lab air, vital for extended quantitative analyses.
  • Enhance signal-to-noise ratios across a wide mass range.
  • Impart a consistent low-level chromatographic baseline across a full gradient.
  • ABIRD can improve the identification of proteins in complex low-level protein mixtures*


ABird on Thermo Exploris 480, courtesy Dr. W. Bildl
ABird on Thermo Exploris 480,
courtesy Dr. W. Bildl, Freiburg University


ABIRD uses no supplied gasses. ABIRD has been fitted to a variety of source and instrument combinations including Thermo Fisher, Waters, Bruker, Proxeon, New Objective, and Advion.

* Top labs have repeatedly shown ABIRD improving peptide identification up to 50% on complex low-level samples. This can be done when you have excellent capillary chromatography and nanospray interface, a well tuned and calibrated instrument and adequate search engines for analyzing the data.

For more information on how to use ABird succesfully, please download this
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