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Halo Peptide (945120-202)

5um 160A Halo Peptide ES-C18


Product Information

Product Type

Bead (um)

Pore Size (Å)




Delivery Time

2-3 weeks


AMT Halo-Bulk – 945120-202
5um 160A Halo Peptide ES-C18

  • Extremely stable at high temperatures and low pH.
  • Ideal for both ultrafast and ultrahigh resolution separations of peptides and polypeptides up to 20 kDa.
  • Outperforms non-core 3 μm, 300 Angstrom columns in terms of peak width, peak capacity and peak height.
  • Offers comparable peak capacity to sub-2 μm non-core columns at 40–50% back pressure (2.7 μm).
  • ~ 20% higher peak capacity than sub-2 μm non-core columns at comparable back pressure (2 μm).
  • Columns (Peptide 2.7 and 5 μm) can be used in series to increase peak capacity for UHPLC and HPLC analyses of complex tryptic digest samples.
  • HALO® Peptide ES-CN (2.7 and 5 μm) offers different selectivity and improved retention for polar peptides.
  • 2 μm inlet frit (2.7 and 5 μm); 1 μm inlet frit (2 μm) provides extra protection from plugging.