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AFS Purifier III – 1/4″ fitting (202906)

AFS Purifier III – 1/4″ fitting (202906)

AFS Purifier III moisture, 1/4″ fitting manifold.


Advanced Filter System (AFS)

Two part system includes a small stainless steel manifold and a high capacity purifier cartridge. The manifold mounts to a laboratory wall or bench with brackets included in the installation kit and connects to the gas lines with stainless steel compression fittings. The cartridge easily attaches and detaches from the manifold with an assembly knob.

The AFS comes in three configurations to remove a combination of oxygen, moisture, and hydrocarbons (C5 or heavier). They contain high-sensitivity oxygen and moisture indicator. The AFS purifiers can be expected to supply multiple GC installations for an extended period of time depending on the laboratory environment.

Key features:

  • Clean flow path, gas contacts only metal, glass and FKM seals.
  • High capacity and efficiency in a single cartridge.
  • Easy cartridge replacement with twist on/off assembly knob.
  • Double seal construction for safety, especially when using hydrogen gas.
  • Check valves protect gas lines during cartridge replacement.
  • Hardware for wall or bench mount.
  • Stainless steel fittings.
  • Reconditioning program allows for recycling of cartridge.