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Electronic battery Crimper 13 mm flip off (6A13F0)

Electronic battery Crimper 13 mm flip off (6A13F0)

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13 mm model 6 battery powered flip off crimper tool.


Electronic Battery Crimping Tools

The range of CRS electronic crimpers and decappers fit standard laboratory vials and seals with aluminum or two-part aluminum/steel caps. The electronically adjustable cycle is accurate, reproducible and can be adjusted with the controls on top of the unit. The tools are ergonomically designed to reduce strain and arm injury associated with many manual crimping tools. Available in 8 mm (crimper only), 11 mm, 13 mm and 20 mm cap sizes.

The tool’s convenient controls located on the top of the unit allow to adjust the crimp. The OLED screen displays the tools size, battery status crimp setting and cycle results. The settings menu provides lifetime statics, recent cycle log, 8 language options and reset functions.

The CRS Crimping tools can be recharged in one to two hours with the universal power supply is included. The design of the crimpers allows you to operate the tool while it is charging. The power supply includes a plug set for operation in most countries.