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Electronic high-power Crimper/Decapper (6AHPS0)

Electronic high-power Crimper/Decapper (6AHPS0)

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High-power electronic crimper/decapper tool (jaw sets not included).


Electronic High Power Crimping Tools

The CRS high power crimping tool is designed with interchangeable jaws, so that you only need one tool and purchase the size crimper and decappers needed for your laboratory needs. The jaw sets are available as crimper and decappers which fit standard lab vials seals with aluminum or two-part aluminum/steel caps. This crimping tool has the ability to store separate programs for different caps and cap sizes. The tools are ergonomically designed to reduce strain and arm injury associated with many manual crimping tools. Jaw sets are available in 8 mm (crimper only), 11 mm, 13 mm and 20 mm cap sizes, including flip off caps in 13 mm and 20 mm sizes.

Jaw sets are easy to interchange, Simply insert the jaw set into the bushing at the bottom of the tool. Push up and twist until the set locks into position. To remove, push the outside button and rotate.

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