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Endura-Seal GC Septa Kit 11 mm (250111)

Endura-Seal GC Septa Kit 11 mm (250111)

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11 mm OD Endura-Seals GC septa kit.


Endura-Seals GC Septa

Endura-Seals are a patented alternative to typical silicone-rubber injection port septa for gas chromatography. They work in a 2-part sealing system that includes the septa and the sealing nut. The duckbill valve and wiper seal combination in the Endura-Seals is much more resistant to needle wear and tear than traditional pierced septa. While premium septa are already designed to reduce coring (particles in the liner), the Endura-Seals allow the needle to glide through the valve to virtually eliminate such particles. The Endura-Seals utilize a more cost-effective elastomeric spring design instead of the metal spring used in some competing designs. These features make the Endura-Seals GC septa an ideal choice for automated analyses in the long sequences used with today’s high capacity autosamplers.