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Graphite 1/16″ GC Ferrule 1/16″ ID PK10 (211100)

Graphite 1/16″ GC Ferrule 1/16″ ID PK10 (211100)

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1/16″ GC ferrule 1/16″ ID graphite PK10.


Graphite GC Ferrules

Graphite GC ferrules are made from high purity exfoliated graphite. They seal with minimal torque and are reusable if they are not over tightened. Graphite GC ferrules do not shrink in use, but are very soft and must be packed and handled with care.

Graphite ferrules are commonly used in GC systems on the inlet and detector ends because they don’t stick to the column, and can be removed and reinserted easily. They should not be used with GC/MS instruments because of permeability to air.

You should always trim a short piece of the column after replacing the ferrule to be sure that no graphite particles have plugged the column.

Upper temperature limit of 450°C.