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Butterfly Heater (PST-ESR-BPH-ST)


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Easy spray adapter with HV cable and a Butterfly heater+stainless T.

Phoenix S&T Butterfly Heater

  • Even stable (to within 0.2 ºC) temperature throughout the whole hot “pocket” formed by the closed Butterfly heater when controlled by Phoenix S&T’s column heater controller: PST-CHC.
  • Easy placement of chromatographic fittings and columns, including vented columns, in the portfolio when it is “open”, and the closed heater can be placed adjacent to the MS source.
  • Contents of the heater can be conveniently secured in place by heat-resistant tape.
  • Maximum temperature achievable is 100 ºC.
  • Accessories for insulating the union or Tee for high voltage liquid junction inside the heater are available.
  • New! Insulated heater surface for metal columns and fittings now available