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Aurora ULTIMATE TS (AUR3-25075C18-TS-5PK)

Aurora ULTIMATE (AUR3-25075C18-TS-5PK)


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Aurora ULTIMATE Column for Thermo users (AUR3-25075C18-TS-5PK)

25 cm nanoflow UHPLC packed emitter column with nanoZero® fitting.

The pinnacle of chromatography performance while minimising overall cost and stress on equipment. The Aurora Ultimate™ builds on the legacy of IonOpticks’ original 25 cm UHPLC line, delivering maximum peak capacity when throughput is less of a factor, but still a consideration.

Pack of five.

Product benefits:
Extreme coverage and sensitivity without excessive time
– Unlocks the true power of your mass spectrometer


For more info on the integration of the Aurora product range for Thermo users, visit our info page: https://www.mswil.com/ionopticks-for-thermo/.