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PepSep Ten Column (1893472)

PepSep Ten Column (1893472)


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PepSep Ten Column

PepSep Ten Columns have a length of 10 cm. As a shorter column, faster separation gradients can be used, yielding results up to three times faster than columns used in standard proteomics workflows. This column would be an excellent choice for high-throughput applications.

PepSep Ten Columns are available in different widths or inner diameters. The column with a wider ID is a good choice to reduce backpressure, which can accelerate HPLC valve wear, overpressure HPLC systems and potentially cause column damage.

For smooth, safe, and easy connections to the high-pressure end of the column (often via transfer line) the columns are equipped with the patented ultra-high pressure (UHP) connection. The UHP connection is tested to be used up to 1000 bar.

On the columns low pressure end, the columns are equipped with the patented nanoConnect (nC) connector, ensuring a zero dead volume connection. By design, the nanoConnect system makes union and emitter connections quick, reliable, and straightforward.