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PepSep Fourty Column (1895838)

PepSep Fourty Column (1895838)


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PepSep Fourty Column

PepSep Fourty Columns have a length of 40 cm. This column would be an excellent choice for high-sensitivity applications.

PepSep Fourty Columns are available in different inner diameters, particle sizes and inlets. The columns with a wider ID are a good choice to reduce backpressure, which can accelerate HPLC valve wear, overpressure HPLC systems and potentially cause column damage.

For smooth, safe, and easy connections to the high-pressure end of the column (often via transfer line) the columns are equipped with different connectors:

  • patented female ultra-high pressure (UHP) connector. The UHP connection is tested to be used up to 1000 bar.
  • or PepSeal connector. It is a 10-32 thread female union which enables easy, precise and fast connection to most LC systems with 1/16 connectors.

On the columns low pressure end, the columns are equipped with the patented nanoConnect (nC) connector, ensuring a zero dead volume connection. By design, the nanoConnect system makes union and emitter connections quick, reliable, and straightforward.