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HPLC EasyLok Fittings (206102)

Product Information

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Trajan HPLC EasyLok Fittings
EasyLok™ fittings are composed of a knurled stainless steel nut and a double ended PEEK ferrule. The PEEK ferrule simply slides over any 1/16″ OD tubing to its required position, while the nut is finger tightened. Unlike stainless steel, the PEEK ferrule will not crush the tubing and can be easily readjusted for quick column changes.

Features and Benefits:

  • Double ended ferrule seals at two pionts;
  • Knurled to make finger tightening easy.

Recommended Applications:
The fittings are compatible with any standard female HPLC fitting including Swagelok®, Parker™, Waters®, Valco® and Whatman®.

Product Specifications:

  • Materials: PEEK double ended ferrules, stainless steel knurled nut.
  • Pressure rating: 5,000 psi.
  • Temperature rating: 150°C.
  • Thread type: 10-32.