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Ruby DualScribe Fiber Optic Scribe (S90R)

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Ruby DualScribe Fiber Optic Scribe (S90R)
This Ruby Fiber Scribe has a 30°, single bevel, ruby blade with a 5.2 mm to 5.5 mm long contact area. The blade is reversible, which doubles the life of the scribe. However, replacement blades are not available. The soft, non-slip grip provides precise control during scribing. The scribe is approximately 5″ long from end to end. Each scribe comes with a clear safety cap to protect the blade from damage when not in use.

Blade Reversal
To reverse the blade, unscrew the knurled end of the scribe and pull it slightly out of the handle. This releases the blade mount. Push the knurled end back into the handle. The blade and its mount will be pushed away from the handle allowing the blade to be removed, flipped, and reinserted. While holding the blade and mount in the handle, screw the knurled end back in, securing the blade.