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Fused Silica Emitter (063240000)


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Trajan tapered nanospray emitters are designed for those seeking maximum reproducibility, reliability, and sensitivity in their ESI-MS workflows.

Fused Silica Emitter (063240000)
Trajan Tapered Fused Silica Emitters: 360µm OD, 10µm ID, 5cm, Distal Coated (pack of 5)


Features & Benefits:

  • Manufactured in certified ISO 9001 environment to ensure premium quality and assurance of supply.
  • Constant inner diameter, with tapered outer diameter for added robustness and reduced propensity to clogging.
  • Ultra-fine tip geometry for greater ionization efficiencies.
  • Precision cleaved for low dead volume connections.
  • Customization available with integrated PEEK sleeve to promote easier installation and more reliable connections.
  • Available in various IDs, ODs, and lengths to suit a variety of MS sources and platforms.
  • Uncoated, tip-coated, and distal-coated emitter configurations available to accommodate various source configurations and voltage application methods.


Wondering which emitter tip is right for you? Trajan emitters are currently available in standard lengths of 40mm, 50mm, and 62,5mm (uncoated) and 50mm (distal-coated). Contact us to help you identify the best emitter to suit your workflow and applications.