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M3 Emitter (E8N10MU01)


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Newomics M3 Emitter (10UM, 8 nozzles)

Newomics is a relatively new company developing new tools in order to improve ionisation efficiency in microspray ESI. Their award-winning multinozzle M3 emitter technologies empower mass spectrometry through integration and miniaturization.

The microfluidic chip splits incoming flow evenly into multiple smaller streams and hence enhances ionization efficiency significantly to achieve unprecedented robustness and sensitivity. Newomics M3 emitter is the first commercial multinozzle emitter device for mass spectrometry. Newomics chips are manufactured on silicon using semiconductor microfabrication techniques. The unique chip design with precision-machining method and plug-and-play interface delivers ultimate sensitivityreliabilitysimplicity, and also ruggedness.