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Sharp Singularity Emitters (FIT-20-10,5-1-LOTUS)

Sharp Singularity Emitters: ID: 20µm – OD: 365µm – L: 10,5cm – pack of 5+1


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Sharp Singularity Emitters (FIT-20-10,5-1-LOTUS)
Stable and repeatable nano electro-spray with precision micro-machined, fully traceable and elongated emitters.

ID: 20µm
OD: 365µm
Length: 10,5cm
Pack Size: 5 + 1

All emitters are delivered with a Quality and Traceability control report, with microscopy photos to ensure you have all details about your spray.


Features of the LOTUS emitters:

The meniscus is anchored at the inner diameter of the LOTUS emitter because its surface is hydrophobic. This produces less evaporation, lower voltages, better ionization efficiency, and a more consistent spray.

  • Hydrophobic coating locks the meniscus to the inner diameter of the emitter
  • Better protein ID and reproducibility
  • The LOTUS emitters are built upon the optimized Sharp Singularity geometry

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