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DuoESI Platform for Thermo Legacy (IS-T02D)


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DuoESI Platform for Thermo Legacy (IS-T02D)

Newomics DuoESI source for Thermo Legacy, microflow and nanoflow interfaces.


DuoESI Platform = DuoESI Source + M3 Emitter

The DuoESI source empowers the Newomics award-winning M3 multi-nozzle emitter, and MEA chip with a column monolithically integrated with a multinozzle emitter on a chip, to significantly enhance ionization efficiency and achieve high sensitivity, throughput, and robustness for liquid chromatography mass spectrometric (LC/MS) analysis.


Features & Benefits:

  • The first interchangeable microflow and nanoflow ion source by a simple swap
  • Compatible with all mass spectrometers from Thermo, Bruker, and Agilent
  • Plug-and-play platform for nanoflow and microflow MEA chips
  • Plug-and-play platform for M3 emitters
  • Receive two ion sources for the price of one


For more information, visit the DuoESI-MS Platform info-page.