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MnESI Platform for Thermo Scientific Mass Spectrometers (IS-T01)



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MnESI Platform for Thermo Mass Spectrometers (IS-T01)
MnESI Source for Thermo Scientific New Generation Mass Spectrometers (e.g. Orbitrap Fusion Lumos, Eclipse, Exploris, and TSQ Altis Triple quadrupole mass spectrometers).

Features and benefits

  • Empowers Newomics multinozzle emitters for significantly improved LC/MS performance.
  • Delivers nanoflow sensitivity and lower detection limit.
  • Allows smaller sample amount.
  • Enables higher sample throughput and faster analysis speed.
  • Achieves high robustness and excellent reproducibility for complex matrix analysis.
  • Visualizes spray via high quality imaging system.


MnESI Platform = MnESI Source + M3 Emitter

The MnESI Source is Newomics new Microflow-nanospray Electrospray Ionization (MnESI) source that empowers Newomics award-winning M3 multinozzle emitters to multiply your mass spectrometry performance.

For more information, visit the MnESI Source info-page.

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