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ABIRD Camera Adapter (ESID-2)

ABIRD Camera Adapter (ESID-2)


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ABIRD Camera Adapter (ESID-2)

ABIRD Camera adapter for Thermo Easy-Spray source – Type 2


ESID2 or 3 or 4 Decision Information:

There are three current versions of Easy Spray source adapters. They are dependent on the camera mount used by Thermo, and they change this aspect freely.

Likewise, we have alternative installation options for the Flex Ion source, both with and without the large shield in place on the source. Often on older sources this plexiglass shield has become shattered, so removal is a common option employed by users to gain access to the inlet region for the ABIRD outlet tube. Adding a 3/4” hole at the 3 o’clock position is another popular option. We also have a Split Tube Shield mount option that allows the shield to remain in place without modification.

Please use the following document to determine what model you need: