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Flow Splitting Kit (FSK-01)

Flow Splitting Kit for Microflow LC/MS, 1-5 µL/min


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Flow Splitting Kit – 1-5µL/min (FSK-01)
Newomics Flow Splitting Kit for Microflow LC/MS, 1 – 5 µL/min
Included: M3 Emitter (10 µm ID, 8-nozzle), and nanoViper (20µm ID, 150mm)
Flow Rate: 1 – 5 µL/min
Splitting Ratios: 1:50, 1:100, 1:200


Newomics Flow Splitting Kits

The Newomics Flow Splitting Kit converts a conventional analytical flow rate to a wide range of microflow rates (1-25 microliter per min). Typically, you would have to purchase a new LC instrument to do this, but the Newomics Flow Splitting Kit is compatible with many high flow LC systems widely found in research labs.

For more information, visit the Flow Splitting Kit info page.

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