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Noise Reduction Cabinet for Ultrasonic Baths (USBB-M)


Sonation Noise Reduction Cabinet (USBB-M)
Outer dimensions: 557x410x545mm (WxDxH)
Inner dimensions: 479x329x415mm (WxDxH)
Weigth: 20kg


The Sonation USBB series

The models of the USBB series have been designed especially for dampening the noise of ultrasonic baths. With four different sizes most ultrasonic baths used in labs can be dampened. The noise reduction of this boxes is up to 30dB(A) which means a reduction in noise by over 90%.

Notice the difference in how an ultrasonic bath sounds with and without a sound enclosure for yourself and see the many ways the Sonation USBB provides easy access to your ultrasonic bath at all times regardless of sound enclosure.