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Bullet Blender 5E Pro (BT5E.EU)

Bullet Blender 5E Pro – 5mL snap cap tubes (BT5E.EU)


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Bullet Blender 5E Pro – 5mL snap cap tubes (BT5E.EU)

Homogenizer for 12 samples in 5mL snap-cap tubes with more powerful motor, touch screen and Air Cooling. Includes starter kit of beads, scoops and tubes. CE certified.


Bullet Blender Homogenizer

If you need to disrupt, homogenize, dissociate or lyse cells, animal tissues or plant matter, arm your laboratory with the Bullet Blender homogenizer. No other homogenizer comes close to delivering the Bullet Blender’s winning combination of top quality performance, superior results and affordability.

Homogenize a Spectrum of Samples

The Bullet Blender can process a wide range of samples including organ tissue, cell culture, plant tissue, and small organisms. You can homogenize samples as tough as mouse femur, tumor, skin, yeast, algae, and bacteria.

Easy Operation

Simply add samples, homogenization beads and buffer to tubes and place in the Bullet Blender. Select run time and speed, close the lid and press “start” on the large touch screen. There are no clamp plates or locking rings to fiddle with. There is no washing of probes and practically no chance for cross-contamination.

Standard and Custom Protocols

The Bullet Blender comes with PhD-level technical support. 100+ optimized protocols for many tissues and cell cultures are freely available online. Ask about our custom protocol development, so you can spend less time troubleshooting and more time getting results.

For more information, visit the Bullet Blender info-page.