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Checkit Go 5μl (CK8V5-6)


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Checkit Go 5 μL – box of 6

The Checkit Go enables you to easily measure the volumes dispensed by a robot or multi-channel pipette, in under 10 seconds. Just place the dye in the reservoir on the cartridge, and place the well-plate-size cartridge on the robot (or where you are using the multi-channel pipette. Dispense the dye into the 8 wells, flip the tab, and read the level of the dye. It’s that easy!


Key Benefits

  • Accurate: Directly measures liquid volume. Limits evaporation.
  • Sample Appropriate: Validate using your own sample liquid.
  • Fast: Done in under 10 seconds!
  • Convenient: On-the-spot verification. Use in well plate holder in robot bed.
  • Cost-Effective: No capital equipment or training required. Saves time.


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