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mAbXmise Kit Inflammatory diseases (INF-TDM-01)


Product Information

Pack Size

96 tests

Product Type

A kit specifically designed for monitoring therapeutic antibodies prescribed for inflammatory diseases.

mAbXmise kits are ready-to-use kits, containing everything required to prepare the patient sample until the LC-MS injection. Interestingly, calibrators solutions and QCs (quality control) solutions are provided, thus avoiding the user to spend time in their preparation before each experiment. Also, the SIL-mAbs provided in mAbXmise kit are coated onto the sample preparation plate (see kit content). The patient samples will be then deposited on each well. The addition of the plasma sample will allow the resuspension of the SIL-mAbs. Doing so, the risk of error is limited. The same quantity of SIL-mAbs is loaded on each well, including wells for calibrators and QC solutions.


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