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MagReSyn Ti-IMAC HP (MR-THP005)

MagReSyn Ti-IMAC HP (5 ml; Max 6mnd Shelf-life)


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MagReSyn Ti-IMAC HP (5 ml; Max 6mnd Shelf-life)
Protein phosphorylation is one of the most important post-translational modifications and is a critical process in cellular signaling and regulation of cellular networks. Comprehensive analysis of the phosphoproteome is a challenging task due to the transient and sub-stoichiometric nature of phosphorylation sites. High-throughput phosphoproteome analysis by mass spectrometry requires compatible technologies than can specifically enrich phosphopeptides. MagReSyn® Ti-IMAC microparticle have a flexible linker (to reduce steric hindrance) activated with phosphonate groups for Ti4+ chelation. The unique properties of the proprietary ReSyn microparticle technology allows extremely specific, reproducible enrichment of phosphopeptides from complex biological samples/protein digests. The microparticles can be used either alone, or in combination with MagReSyn® TiO2, MagReSyn® Zr-IMAC and/or MagReSyn® ZrO2 to increase phosphoproteome coverage.


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