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SpheriCal IM-MS: High Range (PFS-2003)

SpheriCal IM-MS: High Range (PFS-2003)


Product Information

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Mass Range

605-3650 Da


SpheriCal IM-MS: High Range (PFS-2003)
Polymer Factory’s new IM-MS-designated tuning and calibration kit is based on hydrophilic dendritic macromolecules that cover the m/z range between 605 and 3,650 and the CCS range of 317 – 1,750 Å2. This mixture of 10 hydrophilic, dendritic components is delivered as a dried down, neat solid. Recommended ESI concentration is 20 µg/mL in polar solvents, such as ethanol, methanol, THF (or their aqueous mixtures), water, aqueous acetonitrile.


IM-MS Calibration and Tuning Standards
SpheriCal® IM-MS is a set of calibration and tuning standards for Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry – allowing the user to calibrate and tune their hardware up to 1,800 Å2 with several charge states and a m/z range between 295 and 3650. Choose between three different m/z:CCS ranges that match your application – no more need for extrapolation – no more need for uncertainties.