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Aluminium Oxide Cleaning

We offer many different Aluminium Oxide Cleaning products (incl. Sheets, Rolls, Discs, Soft touch pads, Polishing Kits, etc.). Take a look on the SIS website to see all the products that we offer in the category of Aluminium Oxide Cleaning: https://www.sisweb.com/products.htm?q=aluminum+oxide.


NOTE for Enquiry:

When requesting your quote on our website please be sure to specify the SIS product(s) that you want, by adding the Part No. (which you can find on the SIS website) into the Message-box in your enquiry cart lik in the example below.

Example: if you want to request a quote for the Micro-Mesh Aluminium Oxide Sheets (width: 4 in, length: 6 ft, grit: 600), please type in your Message-box: “Part No. MAO600”.