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Micro-Mesh abrasives

Micro-Mesh Abrasives

Micro-Mesh is a scientifically engineered series of cloth-backed cushioned abrasives designed to produce very low roughness average (Ra) scratch patterns on a variety of materials. On metal the coarse grades of Micro-Mesh MX can achieve finishes below 1.0 micro inch with proper surface preparation and application.


Micro-Mesh products are available in many different types: Micro-Mesh discs, sheets, soft touch pads, rolls, etc. Take a look on the SIS website to see all the products that we offer in the category of Micro-Mesh abrasives: https://www.sisweb.com/products.htm?q=micro-mesh.



NOTE for Enquiry:

When requesting your quote on our website please be sure to specify the SIS product(s) that you want, by adding the Part No. – which you can find on the SIS website – into the Message-box in your enquiry cart like in the example below.

Example: if you want to request a quote for the Micro-Mesh Aluminium Oxide Roll (width: 4 in, length: 50 ft, grit: 300), please type in your Message-box: “Part No. MAO300A”.