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Nylon & Latex Gloves

Together with our partner company SIS, we offer disposable gloves made of Latex, Nitrile or Nylon for scientific and laboratory use.

Accucare Plus Powder Free Latex Gloves (Part No. MPFT701)

These gloves are polymer-coated for glide-on donning. Textured for a secure grip, they provide incredible elasticity and tactile sensitivity. Manufactured with less than 50 micrograms total water extractable protein. these gloves are an effective barrier against blood borne pathogens and other contaminated bodily fluids per ASTM D3578. Exceeds FDA and ASTM standards.

Ansell TNT Blue Economy Nitrile Gloves (Part No. 52555T1S)

TNT Blue disposable nitrile gloves are durable yet soft for improved comfort, and they feature textured fingers for exceptional grip. They do not contain any natural rubber latex, so allergic reactions from latex are avoided. Available lightly powdered and powder-free and in a clean polybag.

Nylon Gloves (Part No. G286S)

Nylon, lint free, durable, and ambidextrous. These gloves will outwear any cotton glove. They are also reversible and have a smooth untextured feel. ideal for cleaning, handling, assembly of mass spec sources, instrument parts, and any other area where hand contamination is a problem. Available in small, medium, large, and extra large.


NOTE for Enquiry:

When requesting your quote on our website please be sure to specify the SIS product(s) that you want, by adding the Part No. (which you can find on the SIS website) into the Message-box in your enquiry cart like in the example below.

Example: if you want to request a quote for the Nylon Gloves, please type in your Message-box: “Part No. G286S”.