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Cerno MassWorks Agilent LCMSD (MWAL)


Product Information



Cerno MassWorks 7.0 offers:

  • High mass accuracy on quadrupole GC or LC/MS (up to 0.005Da)
  • Improved Spectral Accuracy on all systems (up to 99.9%)
  • Elemental composition determination on quadrupoles
  • Eliminating up to 95-99% of incorrect elemental compositions on high resolution MS
  • Accurate isotope fine structure analysis on ultra-high resolution MS
  • Direct and accurate analysis of unresolved mixtures, e.g.,isotope labeling and biologics modification.
  • 64bit Windows application for faster execution and better stability.
  • MassLab Apps – custom Apps that can be created in Python or Matlab to add new capabilities to MassWorks (such as the exciting new SAMMI for large molecule characterization).
  • NIST Library Search integration that allows accurate mass search with NIST libraries on low resolution GC/MS systems.

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