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Cerno MassWorks Rx GC/ID (MWRXGC)


Product Information



GC/ID is a fully automated data processing software that provides dramatic improvements for GC/MS qualitative analysis. By incorporating Cerno’s proven TrueCal™ calibration technology for accurate mass formula ID along with conventional library search, a significant improvement in compound ID certainty is achieved on single quad GC/MS systems.

GC/ID provides:

  • Accurate Mass Formula ID with Spectral Accuracy
  • Formula ID for Intact Molecules and Fragments
  • Retention Index Match using NIST, Wiley or User RI
  • Library Search including Accurate Mass Library Search
  • Auto-Mixture/Background deconvolution of Co-eluting Peaks (TrueChrom MX™)
  • Blended Search Match = NIST Search + Retention Index + Formula ID
  • Fully Automatic Run or Full Sequence Processing and Report Generation