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Mass Spectra of Designer Drugs 2024 Upgrade (978-3-527-35393-4)

Mass Spectra of Designer Drugs 2024, Upgrade. ISBN: 978-3-527-35393-4


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Mass Spectra of Designer Drugs 2024 – Upgrade
Peter Rösner, 2024
ISBN 978-3-527-35393-4

Designer drugs are constantly evolving, and in order to keep up, you need access to the most recent spectral data.

Updated annually, Mass Spectra of Designer Drugs remains the most comprehensive MS collection of designer drugs, pharmaceuticals, chemical warfare agents, and related substances. That’s why forensic, clinical, and toxicological laboratories throughout the globe rely on this comprehensive high-quality spectral database to identify illicit substances fast.

This mass spectral library includes 35,094 mass spectra of 26,712 unique chemical compounds with detailed information and chemical structures for each entry. It includes data from both legal and underground literature, providing the most comprehensive picture of these compounds. Data are carefully compiled in cooperation with the Regional Departments of Criminal Investigation and other partners worldwide. As far as possible, spectra were verified by standard mass spectra libraries and checked by mass spectral interpretations.

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