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Sigma-Aldrich Library of ATR-IR Spectra

Sigma-Aldrich Library of ATR-IR Spectra, ISBN 978-1-119-37680-4


Sigma-Aldrich Library of ATR-IR Spectra
Sigma Aldrich, Wiley, November, 2019
ISBN 978-1-119-37680-4

Attenuated total reflection (ATR) sampling technique when coupled with IR has revolutionized solid and liquid testing by providing faster sampling rates, improved sample-tosample reproducibility, and minimized user to user spectral variation allowing for more precise material verification and identification. ATR-IR spectroscopy is optimal for testing of solids like laminates, paints, plastics, and rubbers, as well as viscous liquids and biological materials. With strong advantages such as minimal sample preparation and analysis of samples in their native state, ATR-IR can be a valued technique in obtaining chemical images of pharmaceutical tablets for pharmacological research, analysis of automotive paint in forensics, determination of trans fat content in manufactured food products, and more.

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