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Massworks V4.0 implemented significant expansion and enhancement

What first sounds like a swindler thing, turns out to be a wonderful tool.

Massworks requires raw data plus a reference acquired nearby. Then, the software exploits mass spectral data in two steps:

  1. Recalibration by fitting Gaussian peak shapes underneath the acquired isotope pattern. This way, Massworks gains mass accuracy within a low double digit ppm mass accuracy.
  2. Mass spectral accuracy, also known as a fit of isotope pattern, is compared between predicted and the acquired pattern.

The combination will surprise you! Skepticism? Ask for a demo with your dataset!

See tutorial of the MassWorks software suite

Read JASMSs [PDF]:

JASMS MassWorks Orbitrap Paper 2009Journal ASMS 2014


Cerno_leftCerno middleCerno right

Analytical Chemistry Sep 2010


Version 4.0 represents the most significant expansion and enhancement to the flagship MassWorks software since its award winning introduction.

In addition to these basic features included in earlier versions

MassWorks v4.0 comes with an extensive array of new capabilities and features including

  • Accurate mass calibration / analysis in a single step via AutoCal™ on a quadrupole system
  • DirectRead™ support for three HiRes MS systems including Thermo Orbitrap or FT ICR, Waters TOF/qTOF, and Agilent TOF/qTOF
  • New ion mixture analysis capable of simultaneous quantitation of more than a dozen mutually overlapping ions, for applications ranging from deamidation / deamination impurity determination to hydrogen deuterium exchange (HDX MS).
  • Elemental composition analysis with weak or no observable monoisotope, e.g., with organometallic compounds
  • DirectRead support for two additional unit mass resolution data systems, Agilent MassHunter and Advion CMS
  • Confirmation of multiply charged oligo / peptide / protein with weak or unresolved monoisotope
  • Accurate mass measurement and library (e.g., NIST) search within the same data acquisition

For more details, see the press release and a complete list of the new features. We welcome you and colleagues to test out MassWorks via either on-site visit or Internet-based data submission by following the simple instructions here (see user testimonials).

At ASMS 2015, you can learn about ther latest innovation of MS calibration technology.

Cerno Bioscience MassWorks™ software has become the best approach for elemental composition determination with either LowRes or HiRes MS systems. The same approach has been shown to enable accurate quantitation of hard-to-separate biologics and its deamidation impurities. After entering into a partnership with Agilent to provide the bundled accurate mass solution to GC/MSD users, Cerno will unveil a brand new feature at the upcoming ASMS, allowing for fully integrated accurate mass NIST library search with conventional GC/MS quadrupole data, feasible for automated batch processing of multiple runs via a new prototype software to be demonstrated.

From the workstations in Booth #178, you will learn the latest on the award winning MassWorks and related software including

Check out these ASMS presentations showcasing the above and other developments and applications:

  • Mon, Poster #238: Identification of Phytochemicals in Camelina Seed Meal 
  • Mon, Poster #410: Analysis of Complex Mass Spectral Data from 13C-Labeled Plant Metabolism Study
  •  Tue, Poster #119: Quantitative Evaluation of Isotope Fine Structures for Elemental Composition Analysis
  • Thur, Poster #40: Accurate Mass Library Search and Identification of Unknown with GC/MS Single Quad
  • Thur, Poster #510: Quantitative Deamidation Analysis at Sub Unit mAb Level 

You may also request a webinar be brought to your organization.