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With the introduction of EASY-Spray™ in 2012, users have looked for ways to modify the system to fit their own needs. Meanwhile MS Wil offers several ways modify your Easy-Spray set-up in ways that will allow you to use your own choice emitters, columns and column ovens.

A direct replacement for the well known Easy-Spray column is the Phoenix S&T (PST) EASY-Spray Adapter with Pencil Heater, also known as JailBreak as shown in the picture below. The pencil heater is supplied in various lengths to fit your favorite size pulled emitter and the temperature will be controlled by the EASY-Spray temperature controller.

NEW: Brackets to mount Butterfly Column ovens with EASY-Spray Adapters on EasySpray sources!

Columns from IonOpticks and specific columns from CoAnn are supplied with a sleeve to protect the emitter tip, to accomodate this PST has developed a special version of the EASY-Spray Adapter. This new version allows for the IonOptics column to be installed in the Adaper without removing the sleeve. Only when the column is fixed with the nut on the end of the Adapter the sleeve will be removed.

To allow for more flexible column arrangements and also columns longer than 30cm PST developed their Butterfly style column heaters. Like the Pencil Heaters, the Butterfly Heater will be controlled by the EASY-Spray temperature controller.

Butterfly Heaters are envelopes that allow for long, folded columns to be temperature controlled in a reasonable dimension. Also they allow for trap and analytical column combinations with unions to be encapsulated in one column oven.

A very popular use of the Butterfly oven is to tempterature control the PharmaFluidics µPAC columns. More inforation on this topic can be found here.

For more information on connecting your nanoLC Column, please download this MS Wil  Product Note: