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Phoenix S&T Nano LC column heaters are widely accepted among the proteomics community and we want you to benefit from this cost effective way of reduced column backpressure. Heat allows small particles & longer columns - hence - higher peak capacity. The lower mobile phase viscosity also perserves you pumping system from some of the shear stress you run into at higher pressures. Last but not least, heat helps with those sticky peptides getting lost somewhere between injection and sprayer.

Phoenix S&T ovens are unique as they can be configurated in size, flexibly heat both an analytical column and the loading/trapping column if desired

(Butterfly heater, particularly important in 2D LC experiments)









The controller can handle both heater configurations and has an optional on/off toggle feature via instrumental control.

For more information on these column ovens, please click on the images below:

Butterfly Heater  ColumnHeaterController