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Save time, money & see your slurry while you`re packing your own capillary columns.
To use these vessels a slurry of stationary phase particles suspended in solvent is placed inside the unit. Once the lid of the vessel is secured, and a fritted tube extending from the slurry to the outside of the vessel is in place, the vessel is pressurized. The pressure forces the slurry up the fritted tube, making a chromatography column.

PV-3000 rates up to 3000 PSI - 200 bars

The PV 3000 which offers pulse-free pressure-driven flow delivery and operates up to 3000 psi / 200 bar. This model also has an optional controlled vent feature. Graduations on the base of the PV-3000 remove the guesswork when setting the capillary depth.
The PV-3000 shown below is equipped with the optional controlled vent option.



Graduation on PV-3000