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Home of ABird,
developer of unique Proteomic solutions

ESI Source Solutions, LLC, is a privately held company located in Woburn, Massachusetts, USA, which specializes in accessories for nanospray ESI mass spectrometry.

Unique products for your lab

All our products are designed by scientists to keep instruments running at top performance in a busy environment.

  • ABIRD – Active Background Ion Reduction Device for nanospray ESI/MS. Our flagship product
  • CPS/DIS – tools for optimizing glass capillary unions and components. Indispensable.
  • NTA devices – Nanospary Tip Assemblies to put your best samples into the instrument most consistently.

We are always making new improvements in our nanospray sources and look forward to continuing to improve your nanospray experience.

More information on ESI Source Solutions may be found on their website: