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A broad range of Channel and Discrete Dynode Electron Multipliers

Our partner for new filaments, filament repair services and detectors: The Adaptas branches: Scientific Instrument Services S.I.S. and ETP, now all part of the overarching company Adaptas Solutions. Covering the collection of detectors provided by Adaptas companies would be too much to ask for. So please ask MSWiL for heaters and heater repair, ceramic parts and replacement Multipliers.

Lots of Multipliers


Adaptas companies manufacture many of the original detectors for the different brands. They also produce detectors for the brands below, for replacement of the original detectors. Each electron multiplier is tested before shipment to ensure its performance is within specification. Each multiplier is delivered with a quality control indicating its model number, test voltage, gain at that voltage, bias current at the test voltage and the date of shipment.

The links in the table below will guide you to the relevant brand page on the Scientific Instrument Services website, the pages include all detector procucts for the brand:

Agilent Amptek Anelva Bear
BioRad/Ciphergen  Bruker  Cameca Comstock
CVC 1100 Dune DuPont Extrel
FEI GBC Griffin Hiden
Hitachi Inficon (Balzers/Leybold) JEOL LKB
Mass Analyzer Products Mass Sensors McCallister Nermag
Nu Inst Orbital  Omicron PerkinElmer
Riber Sciex/AB Seiko Sensar
Shimadzu Standford Teledyne Thermedics
Thermo Ulvac UTI/MKS V&F
Vacuum Tech Varian Vestec Viking
VSW Waters