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In the early morning of Thursday may 30, 2019 the Mass Spectrometry community lost a dear friend, Jörg Niebel.

Even though his mind was not ready to give in, his body finally did, in a final battle fighting an infection during his last night. After seeing his last sunrise in the early hours of Thursday morning, Jörg fell into his final sleep and passed away at 9am.

Jörg, who has worked in the field for some 30 years and many new as a bright, colourful “MacGyver” has passed away. Over the past 3 years Jörg has been courageously fighting kidney cancer, which eventually took its toll. Until the very last moments Jörg’s thoughts were vivid, and even though his last 2 weeks in hospital did not look promising, he was talking about his plans for the future. A future that, as we now know has slipped through his fingers.

Throughout 2018 Jörg realized that didn’t want his remaining time running a company and preferred  to spend his remaining days enjoying life to the fullest. To allow for that the decision was taken to transfer MSWil into new hands, to continue on the road he started. He planned to use this free time to travel, together with his wife Ruth, and see as many places as time would allow. When all preparations were completed to start the trips, which would take months to finish, faith struck and the delays started. Sadly these plans have not come true for Jörg and Ruth.

The fact that this happened on Ascension Day and at the moment many are getting ready to visit the ASMS 2019 conference, sounds like the kind of timing only Jörg Niebel could think of. Still if this is the case, we will never know.

As MS Wil we thank Jörg for the opportunity to continue the route he started, his never ending energy to make the transfer of ownership as smooth as possible and wish him the peace he deserves.

As a friend, we thank Jörg for his unconditional love and dedication. We will miss our conversations, his kind of humour and his never lasting efforts to think of ways to have Fun!


Erik and Marie-Louise Verschuuren

MS Wil B.V.