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Sheath gas conversion kit Source insert with adjustable
Sheath gas nozzle to optimize the distance between the sheath gas outlet and the spray emitter opening

Designated source inserts for various applications: calibration, microLC/MS, direct infusion, etc.

  • Metal emitter sprays sub-µL/min to over 30 µL/min
  • Negative and Positive ion sprays are equally stable and robust
  • Entire range of buffer compositions from 100% aqueous to 100% organic
  • Plug and Play in the Thermo Easy-Spray source
  • Non-clogging spray emitter – no narrow-bored region

The spray image above was from a PST-MTIP-50 spraying MeOH unassisted at

8 μL/min and at 2 KV - EasySpray ion source is a Thermo product


1.: Capillary LC separation of a mixture of 3 oligonucleotides, 200ng/ml each, by nebulizing assisted Micro ESI-MS

We thank H-K Lim, PhD, of the Janssen Research Lab, Johnson & Johnson,

Springhouse, PA for collaboration and the permission to use the data and picture.