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Explore the aurora series CSI columns range

The Aurora Generation 3 Series exists of a variety of nanoflow UHPLC packed emitter columns designed by IonOpticks. These user-friendly UHPLC columns deliver unrivalled coverage, throughput, sensitivity and reproducibility.


The Aurora CSI range is specifically designed to be compatible with Bruker CaptiveSpray sources: the columns have a pre-fitted CaptiveSpray capillary holder and directly interface with the CaptiveSpray source.





explore the Aurora series csi Columns

Aurora frontier - 60 cm nanoflow uhplc packed emitter column

"The deepest sample analysis possible"

Combining a suite of innovations incorporated throughout the Gen3 Aurora Series range, the Aurora Frontier™ boasts incredible performance using long sample gradients - and is the first column ever to enable near-full proteome coverage, due to its unmatched peak capacity.        

Aurora FRONTIER Specs

Aurora Ultimate - 25 cm nanoflow uhplc packed emitter column

"The original game-changer in UHPLC"

The pinnacle of chromatography performance while minimising overall cost and stress on equipment. The Aurora Ultimate™ builds on the legacy of IonOpticks’ original 25 cm UHPLC line, delivering maximum peak capacity when throughput is less of a factor, but still a consideration.

Aurora ULTIMATE specs

Aurora elite - 15 cm nanoflow uhplc packed emitter column

"The 'experiment in a day' solution"

A product made for researchers, by researchers. The Aurora Elite™ is specifically tailored to achieve the deep discovery synonymous with Aurora Series™ columns, within the established timeframes of researchers who would like to maintain their “experiment in a day” velocity.

Aurora FRONTIER Specs

Aurora rapid150 - 5 cm microflow uhplc packed emitter column

"Maximal throughput for biological fluid analysis and targeted workflows"

When high throughput matters, Aurora Rapid150™ ensures you achieve IDs previously unimaginable at speed. Aurora Rapid150™ provides the benefits of micro flow chromatography for analytical research.

Aurora FRONTIER Specs

Aurora rapid75 - 5 cm nanoflow uhplc packed emitter column

"Maximum IDs. Shorter gradients."

Aurora Rapid75™ delivers high-throughput analysis of single cells, achieving extreme sensitivity using short gradients. Identify more than 1300 proteins from 250 pg of sample, 80 times per day on an Evosep One and timsTOF SCP.

Aurora FRONTIER Specs


Compatible heating solutions

1. Sonation Column Oven

When paired with Aurora Series columns, the Sonation Column Oven PRSO-V1/PRSO-V2 is compatible with Bruker's CaptiveSpray Source.
Click below to request your quote for the Sonation Column Oven. Note that the 5cm Aurora Rapid150 and Rapid75 columns do not fit into the Sonation Column Oven. 
aurora Compatibility:
  • 60 cm Aurora Frontier CSI
  • 25 cm Aurora Ultimate CSI
  • 15 cm Aurora Elite CSI
IonOpticks TS
aurora Compatibility:
  • 60 cm Aurora Frontier CSI
  • 25 cm Aurora Ultimate CSI
  • 15 cm Aurora Elite CSI
  • 5 cm Aurora Rapid150 CSI
  • 5 cm Aurora Rapid75 CSI

2. Bruker column toaster

When paired with Aurora Series columns, the Bruker Column Toaster is compatible with Bruker's CaptiveSpray source. 
If you wish to heat your 5cm Aurora Rapid150 or Rapid75 column with the Bruker Column Toaster, please ensure that the grounding arm in the toaster is metallic. 


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