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Explore the aurora series TS columns range

The Aurora TS range delivers unrivalled depth of coverage, throughput, sensitivity and reproducibility. The Aurora TS range columns are most suitable when using them with Thermo's EasySpray Source or Nanospray Flex Source.


Aurora TS columns are immediately compatible with the Thermo EasySpray source. A separate TS Nanospray Flex adapter may be purchased which allows for compatibility with the Thermo Nanospray Flex source as well.





explore the Aurora series TS Columns

Aurora frontier - 60 cm nanoflow uhplc packed emitter column

"The deepest sample analysis possible"

Combining a suite of innovations incorporated throughout the Gen3 Aurora Series range, the Aurora Frontier™ boasts incredible performance using long sample gradients - and is the first column ever to enable near-full proteome coverage, due to its unmatched peak capacity.        

Aurora FRONTIER Specs

Aurora Ultimate - 25 cm nanoflow uhplc packed emitter column

"The original game-changer in UHPLC"

The pinnacle of chromatography performance while minimising overall cost and stress on equipment. The Aurora Ultimate™ builds on the legacy of IonOpticks’ original 25 cm UHPLC line, delivering maximum peak capacity when throughput is less of a factor, but still a consideration.

Aurora ULTIMATE specs

Aurora elite - 15 cm nanoflow uhplc packed emitter column

"The 'experiment in a day' solution"

A product made for researchers, by researchers. The Aurora Elite™ is specifically tailored to achieve the deep discovery synonymous with Aurora Series™ columns, within the established timeframes of researchers who would like to maintain their “experiment in a day” velocity.

Aurora FRONTIER Specs


Compatible heating solutions

IonOpticks TS
aurora Compatibility:
  • 60 cm Aurora Frontier TS
  • 25 cm Aurora Ultimate TS
  • 15 cm Aurora Elite TS

1. Ionopticks column heaters

IonOpticks developed integrated heating and source solutions that enable their Aurora Series columns to interface seamlessly with Thermo instruments. 
When paired with Aurora Series columns, the IonOpticks Column Heaters (and Heater Controller) are compatible with Thermo Scientific's Nanospray Flex source and EasySpray source.
Features & Benefits:
  • NanoZero is built-in
  • Integrated emitters for fast setup
  • A heating solution you keep


More information on the IonOpticks TS Heating solutions can be found in the next section (below). 

IonOpticks TS Column Heaters

nanozero® is built-in

All Generation 3 Aurora Series™ columns are designed and manufactured to remove all pre- and post-column dead volume, maximizing the capacity of the chromatographic packed bed to separate samples. What makes TS and SX source solutions unique is our ability to integrate these benefits directly into the design. Together with our unique heating approach and custom interface solutions, our entire Aurora Series™ range is now truly accessible to all users.


The most user-friendly columns on the market, just got even simpler.

IonOpticks Heaters- nanozero
IonOpticks Heaters- nanozero

INtegrated emitters for fast setup

In combination with our proprietary nanoZero® fittings, our integrated emitter removes the need for any additional fittings or separate emitter. The unique emitter design drastically improves ionisation efficiency, spray stability and overall system longevity, eliminating the pain associated with separate emitter setups. Best of all, pre- and post-column dead volumes are gone, realising the full potential for chromatographic separation of your precious samples.

a heating solution you keep

TS and SX by IonOpticks minimises the waste associated with other systems where the heating element is incorporated directly into the column housing, requiring the heater to be discarded along with the column every time the column needs changing. The TS and SX heater solution is reusable, so when you discard your spent columns, the unique column heater remains ready for, and waiting for, your next experiment. Combined with our digital heater controller you need only purchase once, TS and SX saves considerable time and money, both of which are better spent on your research.


Discard only what’s necessary. Be set up and ready to go within 20 minutes.


IonOpticks Heaters- nanozero


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