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Due to the effects of the COVID-19 crisis, New Objective has drastically reduced their product offering.

Please contact us and we will be able to assist you in finding alternatives to keep your research going!

Picochip has all of the power and performance you've come to expect!

Easy-to-use PicoChip columns are pre optimized for exact positioning from chip to chip-right out of the box.

Factory installed, tested, and verified, each PicoChip contains a fresh voltage connection to ensure optimal liquid-junction-style voltage contact without leaks or particulates created by an overused union.

Tip Size
Each PicoChip has the integral high-performance, reliable PicoFrit® column at it's core, producing sharp peaks and optimal chromatography.

Flow Rate
Low flow = high sensitivity. Need a specific flow rate? PicoChip columns can be ordered to your specification with column IDs ranging from 50-150µm and corresponding tip sizes from 5-30µm. But customization doesn't stop there. PicoChips can be custom ordered with any of our in-house chromatography media, too.


Pick the latest update of the PicoChip Column Care &Use Manual manual [PDF]

Picochip Column care and use manual