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PepSep develop and produce high quality accessories used in nanoLC and nanoESI applications,especially focussed on the field of Proteomics.

The team in Pepsep have many years of experience in making Proteomics easy. PepSep produces nLC-columns, but also spray emittes and adapters to easilly connect columns to Thermo Scientific™ Nanospray Flex™ and EASY-Spray™ sources.

PepSep nanoLC columns are packed with C18-media and available in the following sizes:

Length: ID: Bead size: Options:
4 cm  50 µm  1.9 µm  UHP union
8 cm  75 µm  3 µm  nanoConnect
15 cm  100 µm    VHP with nut
25 cm  150 µm    VHP without nut
40 cm       


UHP union


Column with UHP union and nanoConnect