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Prolab has developed the Zirconium CUBE autosampler to complement their line of Zirconium pumps.


The Zirconium system now forms a complete HPLC front-end for all low-flow and high speed applications, leveraging the pump's unmatched range of low nl/min to high μl/min flow rates and the autosampler's unique integration features to minimize dead volumes, contaminated surfaces, waiting time, and overall complexity.

The Zirconium CUBE autosampler is built around a mobile injector unit that includes the injector valve and loop, the sample aspiration needle, as well as the needle wash station. This whole assembly is moved to each sample vial.

The uncommon design approach has a number of stunning advantages:

  • the rigid connection between the needle and the sample loop, dead volume and contaminated surface is minimized,
  • it is possible to use a range of different materials: Flexible fused silica or PEEK capillaries for lowest sample volumes or biocompatibility requirements, stainless steel, but also titanium can be used for the needle as well as for the loop.
  • Another obvious advantage of the concept is the cycle time saved: The needle does not need to be moved to an injector port nor a wash station. And with the wash station sitting right on top of the needle, sample stains never get to dry before they are immediately washed off.

More information may be found in the system brochure and this poster presented at ASMS 2019

Cube BrochureZicronium Cube Brochure

ASMS 2019 Poster