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Welcome Evosep to the MSWiL product portfolio  

Evosep is a relatively new company developing new tools to improve your proteomics workflow. In October 2017 Evosep One was launched, which is a conceptually new chromatography system, build to run more proteomic samples, more robustly. The team at Evosep, founded by Ole Vorm and operating out of Odense Denmark, has been improving proteomic workflows since the mid ‘90’s, including the first nanoESI sources and the Easy-nLC systems.


In short Evosep One provides significantly less sample-to-sample carry over (10x), increased robustness, ease of use, throughput and chromatographic performance is comparable to other conventional nano LC’s. The throughput is increased due to the fact Evosep One only needs a few minutes between the gradients, gaining more than 35% MS time on 20-45 minute gradients.

The Evosep One from Evosep is unique in its features and customer benefits. Most notable features and benefits include:

• Use of disposable trap columns
Reduces carry-over in e.g. complex HeLa digests to < 0.05% of TIC.
Reduces cycle time.

• Partial elution from trap columns.
Leaves impurities on the disposable traps, thereby greatly increasing column life.

• Gradient offset focusing (where the organic %B-gradient is lowered concurrently with the elution and pre-separation of peptides in a pre-formed gradient)
Allows shorter columns / improves resolving power on analytical column.

• Fast trap-elution and gradient formation at 30μl/min.

• Use of a long and narrow storage loop as hand-over between the low-pressure, high-flow gradient preparation and the high-pressure, low-flow gradient delivery.

• Four pumps (80%) of the system configuration is running at 30 bars or less
Reduces wear and tear so recommended preventive maintenance requirements is only every 30,000 injections.

• Large sample capacity with room for six 96-tip racks.

• Optimized, fixed methods:
Up to 300 samples/day @ 1-2 μl/min flow rate
Up to 93% MS utilization rate


Please have a look at this video, should you wish to get an understanding of the system.

Alternatively the Evosep website provides information on Evosep and their focus.

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